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Scientific advice

Scientific advice, field archaeologist with special competence.


Increasing demands on the quality of the investigation plans for the bids for rescue archaeological projects make the use of external scientific advice and project management advantageous for archaeological units. For excavations where larger ceramic find materials are expected, it would be practical as well as economical to hire an archaeologist with special competence within this field. In that capacity, SKEA would be able to take care of the basic recording of the ceramics material in an efficient way as well as determine the nature of unusual objects and date the ceramic finds. The latter providing very useful information for the necessary prioritization of the most interesting features to be excavated.


On Iron Age and Medieval sites, the features associated with metal working often contain technical ceramics in the shape of fx. linings, furnace walls, bellow protections, crucibles etc. These, often complex, features may yield considerably more information when specialists in metallurgy and ceramics partake in their excavation.


SKEA offers


  • Scientific advice concerning ceramics (Ass. Prof)

  • Project management

  • Excavation of smithing hearths, furnaces and other types of features containing technical ceramics.



Price list

Hourly rate: 700 sek/ h

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